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Blue chip artists are those who fetch the highest prices on the art market and whose works are considered safe investments. But what makes these artists so successful? Here are five secrets they have in common.

1. bluechip artists have a distinctive style

Bluechip artists are not only technically skilled, but also creative and innovative. They have developed their own style that distinguishes them from other artists and makes them recognizable. Whether it's the color palette, the design language or the choice of themes, their works are unique and original.

2. blue chip artists have a strong presence

Bluechip artists are not only present in galleries and museums, but also in the media and the public. They use different channels to spread and market their art, such as social media, books, films or podcasts. They manage to reach and inspire a wide audience.

3. blue chip artists have a network of supporters.

Bluechip artists are not alone in their journey to success. They have a network of supporters who help them produce, sell and evaluate their art. These include gallery owners, curators, collectors, critics, and other artists. These supporters act as intermediaries between the artists and the market, increasing their value and visibility.

4. bluechip artists have a vision for their art.

Bluechip artists not only have a talent for their art, but also a vision for their art. They know what they want to express with their art and how they want to convey their message. They have a clear artistic identity and a coherent aesthetic. Their works reflect their personality, values, and worldview.

5. bluechip artists have a passion for their art.

Bluechip artists are not only professional in their art, but also passionate about their art. They have a deep love for their art and a strong motivation for their art. They are willing to take risks, accept challenges and constantly evolve. Their works show their emotions, energy and dedication.

In summary, Bluechip artists are the most successful and secure personalities in the art market. They are characterized by a distinctive style, a strong presence, a network of supporters, a vision for their art, and a passion for their art. The top Bluechip artists in the ranking include. Jeff Koons, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Andy Warhol, Gerhard Richter and Zao Wou-Ki. Their works regularly fetch record prices at auctions and are considered valuable investments for collectors and enthusiasts.

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