Professional artist development to successfully sell art internationally

Professional artist development to successfully sell art internationally

Would you like to know the secret of the globally successful artists and how can help you to sell your artwork for 2.000 €, 20.000 € or more?

Do you know your real value as an artist?

Do you know what price they can take and when?

Do you have awareness, growth & managed revenue as your goal?

Why you sell art more successfully with is the center for future decisions of all art market decision makers and is free to use.

Reaching art market decision-makers and buyers worldwide

Our independent data and information will be used by all relevant art market decision makers who are responsible for your professional artist development.


Become more visible in a structured way

You get your own artist ranking that you can influence yourself. We support you in your own artist development with content and visuals, checklists, batches and much more. So that you become attractive for gallery owners and buyers.


Price development & potentials of own artworks

From all existing data on the price development of artworks worldwide, our AI determines suitable potentials that are tailored to you and your artworks.

Your advantages as a member of

  • You know your value as an artist
  • You know what price you can demand and when
  • Manage your own awareness, growth & revenue

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